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7 May 2023

Telenet analogue to digital

Telenet is now definitely making the 'switch' from analogue to digital. If you already have a digibox or CI+ card from Telenet, you don't have to do anything because you already watch digital. If not then you will have noticed that you have been getting a message at the top of your screen for some time now. You can then do 2 things:

  1. Buy a Telenet digibox or CI+ card and watch digital from now on. For this, it is best to turn to a local Telenet centre as they know the situation on campsites where you do not have to pay a monthly cable connection but only your extra digital services. Local agent: Delanghe Telenet Center
  2. If you do not need many channels, internet or other extra digital services and your device is no more than 10 years old, there is still a way to continue receiving some TV channels. Telenet posted the following manual on the internet for this purpose.